Estrecho los Perales

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Estrecho los Perales

This remarkable gorge is renowned for its intriguing rock formations, while at its bottom the Valdetrillos stream rushes through a series of energetic rapids, adding its exuberant soundtrack to the landscape. Here it is easy to observe how the agile mouflon and spritely Spanish ibex make their way across the vertical rock faces, and you may even be treated to the majestic sight of golden eagles, booted eagles and griffon vultures soaring high above. At the end section of Calarillas Valley you can take in a view of the highest mountains in the park.

Estrecho de los Perales can be observed and enjoyed from two different points:

  • The viewing point on the left-hand side of the Navas road is without a doubt the best place for appreciating the beauty of the gorge; it is not signposted, however, so you will have to remain alert (although you cannot miss it).
  • From the viewing point you can also make out a path leading up from Valdetrillos Valley; to reach it you must go back along the Navas road and turn off on the track you see to the right, which is cut off by a chain. Cross the bridge over the stream known as the Rambla, and after half an hour’s walk you will be in sight of the basin of Valdetrillos stream, from where you can see Estrecho de los Perales and the aforementioned viewing point.



From Cazorla, take the mountain road (A-319) to the Empalme del Valle junction. Turn right on to the JF-7092 and, after crossing the bridge over the River Guadalquivir (4 kilometres from Empalme) take the road leading off to the left (the JF-7091). The viewing point looking out over Estrecho de los Perales is located between the signposting for kilometres 27 and 28.

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