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Orcera, population 2000, lies in the shadow of the Peñalta mountain, on the borderline between pine forests and olive groves. It is right in the middle of the north end of the Nature Reserve. The historical centre, known as El Pensacola, is full of narrow winding streets, hanging flowers and steps that lead to charming little squares. The Armijo bathing area, surprisingly large and in a natural setting, is open in summer.

The parish church is also worth visiting for its monumental façade, recovered from the former monastery of Santa Maria de la Peña. There are a number of examples of early 20th century regionalist architecture, including the house on Genera de la Parra street.

There are two charming villages close to Orcera: Linarejos, rescued from ruins and renovated in recent years, and La Hueta, with beautiful surrounding countryside. You can walk uphill to Segura de la Sierra from Orcera along a traditional path signposted as GR-147-1.

On the hills of olive groves close to the town stand three unique, late 12th century Moorish towers of great symbolic and cultural importance. Only one of them, on the lowest hill, has been renovated. They are known as the Santa Catalina Towers and they are open to visitors. The one on the highest hill is easy to reach: precisely at km point 2 on the road from Orcera to Segura de la Sierra (JA-9117) there is a turn-off onto a track through the olive groves that brings you to the tower almost immediately.

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