Hornos de Segura

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Hornos de Segura

Situated in the heart of the Nature Reserve, perched aloft a crag, Hornos de Segura staggers visitors with its strategic and defensive position overlooking the entire valley, which evidences the human need for protection against attack. The monuments, viewpoints and narrow irregular streets, a legacy of its Moorish past, secured the town’s declaration as a Historical-Artistic Site. Mention should also be made of the clean streets and the colourful flowerpots hanging on the walls and windows of the houses.

Most of the elements that attract the attention of visitors are from the Middle Ages, including:

The Castle. A Moorish fortification standing on a rocky ridge at the top of the town, with a magnificent keep and the remains of three towers. It is in the process of being renovated to become an Astronomy and Planetarium Visitor Centre.

La Puerta de la Villa (town gateway). Possibly of Almohad origin, this is a typical L-shaped entrance that was used to control access to the town. An inside staircase leads onto a charming flat roof with views towards Cortijos Nuevos.

Mirador del Aguilón. This viewpoint is located in the heart of the old quarter, next to the Town Hall, and offers one of the best panoramas of the Tranco reservoir and the surrounding mountains.

La Puerta de la Villa (town gateway). A wide open space at the entrance to the town that offers stunning views of the Tranco reservoir and the fertile plains of the Vega de Hornos.

Church of La Asunción. Located in a small square next to the Town Hall and the Aguilón viewpoint. It was built in the first half of the 16th century. A spiral staircase leads to the belfry where you can see some interesting Gothic gargoyles.

We recommend…

  • A walk to the nearby viewpoints of El Vadillo, at the turn-off to Cortijos Nuevos, and Las Celadillas, on the road to La Garganta gorge.
  • The Alcoba Vieja recreational area. Head for Cortijos Nuevos and after one kilometre, take a turn-off onto a track on your right.
  • The little villages close to the town.

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