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Discovering Cazorla is a gift for any traveller. Its magnificent location showcases, on the one hand, rugged natural mountain ranges, and on the other, extensive olive groves. The old quarters conserve beautiful stone buildings, balconies decorated with flowers, fountains and magnificent viewpoints. These characteristics of an Andalusian mountain town contrast with the modern cultural town that exists today, offering music, theatre, museums and fine cuisine that will make you want to return.

Cazorla is a town brimming with history. Fernando III made it a town, the Court in Cádiz turned it into an Outstanding Town and Alfonso XIII added the epithet of Distinguished. The town was declared a historical and artistic site in 1972 due to its monuments, traditional architecture and surroundings

Peña de los Halcones peak, the Salvatierra castle and La Yedra castle, all of which can be seen from any spot in the old town, are a reminder that this is a frontier town that defended its independence with fortifications and mountains.

La Yedra castle presides over one of the best views of Cazorla. Of Arab origin – probably from the Almohavid period – it was remodelled by Christians in subsequent centuries. A tour of the castle will also afford an opportunity to visit the museum of Art and Popular Customs.

The best way to enjoy the town is to wander calmly through the old centre with no specific destination in mind. You will stumble across the Church of San Francisco or the Church of El Carmen, the River Cerezuela - which runs through the town, refreshing its streets in the summer - and you will come to the Plaza de Santa Maria, a charming square brimming with heritage, passing through traditional quarters and enjoying fine cuisine.


We recommend:

  • Getting information on the cultural events to make the most of your visit. The Theatre festival, the Cazorla Blues festival and the traditional fiestas are alluring events for a fascinating town. Tourist Office: 953 71 01 02.
  • From Cazorla you can make various excursions to very special places on foot or by car. We recommend the routes from the Salvatierra Castle to the Montesión Monastery and from the Virgen de la Cabeza Sanctuary to Peña de los Halcones.

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