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The silhouette of this small town stands out aloft the hilltop on which the town is perched, 1000 m above sea level. This privileged location forms a vantage point between the large depressions formed by the rivers Guadalquivir and Guadalimar. Enjoy strolling through the maze-like streets of this medieval town with a Moorish-sounding name, decorated with flowerpots in the form of beautiful hanging gardens with geraniums, carnations, basil and jasmine. However, the town’s most captivating feature is afforded by the magnificent views of the olive groves and mountains in the nature reserve, which you can enjoy from several points equipped with information panels on the scenery.

You will come across many little squares and elegant fountains in Iznatoraf. The town’s personality is best defined by the harmonious contrast between simple whitewashed houses and manor houses with carved stone lintels, decorated with the old coats of arms of the nobility, strong grillwork and heavy wooden doors.

The town’s sixteenth-century Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción also bears mention, a magnificent Renaissance building illustrative of Vandalia’s style. Approximately five hundred meters of the walls of the old Moorish castle have been preserved, along with various entrance arches and ten of the eleven towers dating from that period. You can visit the house of Ail Menno, which boasts an authentic Arab gutter made with ceramic pipes and has an underground Arab water reservoir inside.

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