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The Mountain Balcony

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En El Balcón de las Montañas no dejes de visitar...

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El Tapadero Viewing Point

This viewing point is situated on an outcrop of a rock wall, which has sheer sides that rise up dizzyingly from a chasm some 200 metres below. In places the jagged rock face is also home to clumps of Mediterranean plants, which affix their roots into the rock itself, while you will often see Spanish ibex traversing the steep slopes and will also be able to enjoy the majestic spectacle of large birds of prey in flight; for the most part griffon vultures, but also golden eagles, short-toed eagles, booted eagles, falcons, Eurasian sparrowhawks and even, if you are lucky, the recently reintroduced bearded vulture.


This route will take you through one of the most charming locations in the La Villas mountain range. Following the course of the River Aguascebas Chico, you will come across unexpected and delightful natural beauty spots and on the right-hand side you will be able to see terraced plots of land that were once cultivated many years ago, along with a half-ruined farmhouse. This area is known as Las Ramblillas, or "the little watercourse", and at the bottom of the valley you can see the River Aguascebas Chico.


Navazalto Forest Trail

DFrom the peak of Navazalto you can take in the view of wide mountain passes, with soaring rock faces that give way to craggy, precipitous ravines from which tumble spectacular waterfalls. The panoramas are superb: to the west you can see the great bowl of the Guadalquivir valley, where the green carpet of the olive groves stretches further than the eye can see, as do the villages in the countries of La Loma and Mágina. From north to south you are presented with an uninterrupted view of the indomitable Las Villas mountains, with the deep blue of Aguascebas reservoir below.


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